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CS Fund and Warsh-Mott Legacy

Grants for progressive policies and practices in agriculture and natural resources

Principal Office: USA

The CS Fund and Warsh-Mott Legacy (CSF/WML) aims to promote progressive social change in civil liberties, economic globalization, emerging technologies, and food sovereignty.

Grants are for activities in the USA and internationally, including for issues important in developing countries.

Grant Programs for Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources

1 — Rights and Governance. This category of grants includes support for initiatives to improve the social, environmental, and governance aspects of international trade agreements.

2 — Emerging Technology. The program addresses the potential risks of nanotechnology, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, and related technologies.

3 — Food Sovereignty. Grants support grassroots activities in seed saving, soil building, protection of pollinating insects and animals, and traditional agriculture.

CSF/WML takes an activist approach in its grant making to defend traditional management of agriculture and natural resources. Specific interests (among others) include protecting local seeds and reducing chemicals in agriculture; regulating the introduction of genetically modified organisms; and supporting communities in their self-governance of natural resources.

About programs

Grants are to nonprofit charitable organizations in the USA, and to a limited number of nonprofit organizations in other countries. Most grants range from US$10 thousand to US$150 thousand.

APPLICATION (for 1-2-3 preceding): Applicants submit letters of inquiry (LOI) that match the interests of CSF/WML. LOIs can be submitted at any time; there are no deadlines.

The LOI provides information about the applicant’s mission and organization; planned project activities; a line-item budget; and a list of secured and pending funding for the project in question.

CSF/WML invites full proposals from selected applicants.

About how to apply

Geographical Distribution of Grant Activities in Developing Countries


CSF is linked to the Warsh/Mott Legacy (WML) by common interests and boards of directors. The only distinction for grantees is the source of grant funding.

CSF/WML posts its contact information.