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Cross-Cutting Grants

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Project Inspire -- Empowering Women in Asia and the Pacific

posted Jun 27, 2016, 1:21 AM by Jan Laarman

Sponsored by the Singapore Committee for UN Women and MasterCard, Project Inspire aims to create a better world for women and girls in Asia and the Pacific. The 2016 theme is "Empowering Women Through Safety and Security." This theme includes subjects related to climate, agriculture, water, energy, and clean environments that improve livelihoods for women and girls. Up to 10 finalists will compete in Singapore for a grand prize of US$25 thousand and five other prizes. The deadline for applications is 01 July 2016. Link

National Geographic Explorers -- Air and Water Conservation Fund for China

posted Jun 21, 2016, 2:45 AM by Site Manager

With support from the Alibaba Group, National Geographic Explorers invites applications for the Air and Water Conservation Fund for residents of mainland China. Funded projects may include scientific research, community conservation, technological innovation, and communication endeavors that directly bear on novel solutions in air and water conservation in China. While grant amounts vary greatly, the average grant is US$20 thousand. Funds are primarily for direct field expenses; applications seeking support solely for laboratory work will not be considered. The deadline for pre-applications (Chinese, English) is 04 July 2016. Link

National Geographic Explorers -- Science and Exploration in Asia

posted Jun 21, 2016, 2:30 AM by Site Manager

The National Geographic Foundation for Science and Exploration in Asia makes grants to support Asian scientists, conservationists, and explorers. The program open to residents of Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam to work anywhere in the world. Applications can be submitted in three categories: Research, Conservation, and Exploration. The average grant size is US$30 thousand. The deadline for pre-applications is 15 July 2016. Link

Wageningen UR Center for Development Innovation -- Professional Training Courses 2017

posted Jun 21, 2016, 2:26 AM by Site Manager

The Center for Development Innovation (CDI) at Wageningen University in the Netherlands helps build the capacities of individuals and organizations that are addressing the global challenges of sustainability and food security. Services at CDI include professional short courses in subject areas related to agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, genetic resources, wetlands, climate change, forest governance, conflicts over natural resources, and others. Funding for most courses can be applied for through the Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP/MSP). The application deadlines for NFP/MSP fellowships are 19 July 2016 and 18 October 2016 -- depending on the courses of interest. Link

Acumen Fund -- Regional Fellows in East Africa, India, and Pakistan

posted Jun 21, 2016, 2:15 AM by Site Manager

The Acumen Fund seeks to harness the power of social innovation to create solutions to the world's most pressing problems. The Fund administers regional programs for each of East Africa, India, and Pakistan. In each region, 20 fellows are selected for a leadership development program of five one-week seminars while remaining in their jobs. Acumen covers all program expenses related to travel and accommodations, but it does not offer scholarships, stipends, or other funding. Past fellows have included several in smallholder agriculture, renewable energy, waste management, fair trade, and other subject areas. The deadline to apply for each of these regional programs is 01 August 2016. Link

U.S. Department of State -- Sustainable Development in the Lower Mekong Region

posted Jun 21, 2016, 2:11 AM by Site Manager

The Lower Mekong Initiative Nexus Futures Program aims to advance sustainable development around the water, energy, food, and environment nexus within the 3S river and watershed system in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The project will seek to strengthen the political will to manage the region's shared resources. The project team should be experienced in transboundary water cooperation and environmental governance; process facilitation; conflict mitigation; mediation; decision sciences; climate change adaptation; political economy analysis; diplomacy; international development; nexus planning; and stakeholder engagement. Applications are invited from non-profit NGOs, educational institutions, governments, and public international organizations. The program will make one grant for up to US$473 thousand for 18 months. Funding Opportunity OES-OER-16-002. The application deadline is 01 August 2016. Link

Research Councils UK -- UK Research Collaboration with Southeast Asia

posted Jun 21, 2016, 2:05 AM by Site Manager

The Research Councils UK is collaborating with sister research organizations in each of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand to call for proposals under the the UK – Southeast Asia Small-Scale Research Partnerships. Among the several thematic areas is one on the "Energy - Food – Water - Environment Nexus." Applicants are invited to submit bilateral or multilateral proposals comprising eligible researchers from the participating countries. All proposals need to have a UK principal investigator in addition to a principal investigator from one or more of the partner countries. Interdisciplinary collaborations are particularly welcome. The application deadline is 02 August 2016. Link

Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership -- Abe Fellowships 2016

posted Jun 21, 2016, 1:59 AM by Site Manager

The Abe Fellowship encourages international research in the social sciences and related disciplines on topics of pressing global concern -- including climate change, sustainable urbanization, environmental degradation, and other cross-cutting issues that advance global problem solving from a transnational perspective. The fellowship program is open to citizens of Japan and the USA, as well as to nationals of other countries who can demonstrate serious long-term affiliations with research communities in Japan or the USA. The closing date for applications is 01 September 2016. Link

LAUNCH Nordic -- Innovation Challenge 2016

posted Jun 21, 2016, 1:56 AM by Site Manager

The LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge 2016 is named "Closing the Loop" with a focus on innovations in materials recycling and reuse for a more sustainable society. LAUNCH Nordic aims to select five innovations to be scaled globally through its international partners, network, and accelerator program. The program is open to innovators worldwide. The deadline for submissions is 01 September 2016. Link

British Council -- PhD Placement Program, UK and China

posted Jun 21, 2016, 1:52 AM by Site Manager

The British Council in China sponsors UK and Chinese PhD students and their supervisors to spend three to twelve months (for PhD students) and up to three months (for supervisors) at higher education institutions in China or the UK. The research areas include food and water security, environmental technologies, energy, and others. This opportunity is open to UK and Chinese nationals who are currently enrolled as PhD students at accredited higher education institutions or research institutions in the UK or China, respectively. The application deadline is 20 September 2016. Link

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