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Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry

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Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) -- Adapting Agriculture for Climate Change in Latin America

posted Jul 20, 2015, 1:19 AM by Site Manager

CGIAR's research program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security is collaborating with partners in Colombia for a one-year program of participatory research at the community level on adapting agriculture for climate change. The research will take place in the Department of Cauca, Colombia. The program invites applications from field-based agronomists and rural sociologists. The application deadline is 10 August 2015. Link 

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) -- Training Course on Advanced Genomics and Bioinformatics

posted Jul 20, 2015, 1:16 AM by Site Manager

The hub for Biosciences Eastern and Central Africa at ILRI (BecA-ILRI) will hold a training workshop on advanced genomics and bioinformatics during two weeks in September 2015. The course invites applicants from East and Central Africa who require advanced skills in bioinformatics to support their research. Eligibility extends to individuals who are currently engaged in agricultural research within a national research institute or university in Cameroon, Dem Rep Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. A total of 25 graduate students and early-career researchers will be selected. The application deadline is 10 August 2015. Link

LANSA -- Research on Agriculture and Nutrition in South Asia

posted Jul 20, 2015, 12:58 AM by Site Manager

LANSA (Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia) addresses how South Asian agriculture and related food policies and interventions can be designed and implemented to increase their impacts on nutrition, especially the nutritional status of children and adolescent girls. The program countries are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. LANSA currently invites proposals of new and innovative interventions in any area of agriculture for nutrition, and/or to test the feasibility of scaling-up such innovations. LANSA is particularly interested in interventions that recognize ongoing environmental changes, such as in relation to water scarcity and climate. Expected budgets will range from £50 thousand to £70 thousand per study. The application deadline is 21 August 2015. Link

European Commission (EC) -- Smallholder Rice Production in Guinea-Bissau

posted Jul 20, 2015, 12:47 AM by Site Manager

The EC will make grants to improve rice production by smallholder farmers in Guinea-Bissau. Eligibility for funding extends to nonprofit non-state organizations in the EU and its candidate countries; the European Economic Area; the ACP countries (including Guinea-Bissau); and qualifying international organizations. All applicants need to include co-applicants from Guinea-Bissau. Grants will range from €450 thousand to €750 thousand, varying with cost shares. Reference EuropeAid/137295/DD/ACT/GW. The deadline for concept notes is 05 September 2015. Link

European Commission (EC) -- Addressing Food Insecurity in Lebanon

posted Jul 20, 2015, 12:20 AM by Site Manager

The EC will fund projects in Lebanon to enhance the capacities of vulnerable groups to sustainably produce and access food in northeastern Lebanon, specifically in the regions of Akkar and Baalbeck-Hermel. Proposals should take into account fruit trees, olives and olive oil, greenhouse production, open field crops, beekeeping, and other priorities set forth by Lebanon's Ministry of Agriculture. Eligibility for funding extends to non-state nonprofit organizations in Lebanon and member states of the EU. Grants will range from €500 thousand to €1 million, subject to cost shares. Reference EuropeAid/137207/DD/ACT/LB. The deadline for applications is 30 September 2015. Link

European Commission (EC) -- Management of Agro-Pastoral Resources in Mauritania

posted Jul 20, 2015, 12:11 AM by Site Manager

The EC will make grants to improve the governance and management of agro-pastoral resources in Mauritania in support of the government's program RIMRAP. The geographical focus areas are Assaba, Guidimakha, Hodh el Chargui, and Hodh el Gharbi. The program will aim to reduce conflicts over resources in these zones by working with the local communities and the relevant government authorities for agriculture, livestock, and other agencies. Eligibility for funding extends to nonprofit organizations in the EU member states; the European Economic Area; the ACP countries; the least-developed countries (including Mauritania); and the OECD donor countries. Grants will range from €2.5 million to €2.9 million, varying with cost shares. Reference EuropeAid/137269/DD/ACT/MR. The deadline for proposals is 19 October 2015. Link

Sea Pact -- Funding for Fisheries and Aquaculture

posted Jul 9, 2015, 2:30 AM by Site Manager

Sea Pact is a consortium of seafood companies to support continuous improvements of fisheries and aquaculture in an international context. The 4th call for grant proposals focuses on themes of bycatch reduction; innovation in aquaculture; and social responsibility within the seafood supply chain. Sea Pact prefers projects that positively affect the top seafood species on a global level. Past grant recipients include conservation organizations, marine research organizations, development NGOs, and others. Grants range from US$10 thousand to US$30 thousand. The application deadline is 31 July 2015. Link

Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) -- Professional Training in Israel 2015

posted Jul 9, 2015, 2:27 AM by Site Manager

MASHAV funds professional courses organized and hosted by Israeli institutions in subject areas that include agriculture, energy, natural resources, health, education, and social development. The remainder of the 2015 calendar includes courses on water resources for agriculture and livestock (offered in Spanish); leadership, gender, and environment (English); irrigation and rural water management (French); and others. Applications are submitted through Israel's diplomatic missions. For most courses, MASHAV covers course fees, accommodation, medical insurance, and other expenses in Israel (but not international airfare). Application deadlines are 07 August 2015 for the Spanish-language course on water resources for agriculture and livestock, and 15 August 2015 for the English-language course on leadership, gender, and environment. (There is no information on the deadline of the French-language course, but a contact is provided). Link

CRDF Global -- USA/Russia Collaboration in Nanotechnology for Agriculture and Energy

posted Jul 9, 2015, 1:36 AM by Site Manager

CRDF Global announces the 2015 U.S.-Russian University Research Competition. The goal is to support collaboration of Russian and U.S. researchers in nanotechnology as it applies to either clean energy or agriculture. Eligibility for funding extends to joint teams of scientists employed by Russian and U.S. universities. The maximum grant is US$90 thousand from combined U.S. and Russian sources for a period of one year. The application deadline is 09 September 2015. Link

Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) -- Award for Women in Wheat Research 2015

posted Jul 9, 2015, 1:32 AM by Site Manager

The BGRI offers the Jeanie Borlaug Laube award for the professional development of women working on wheat research during the early stages of their careers. The award is intended to help cover costs associated with attending the BGRI workshop and a training program at CIMMYT in Obregon, Mexico. The application deadline is 01 October 2015. Link

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